A holistic approach to digital consulting backed by the entrepreneurial experience

Over 10 years exprience working hand in hand with various corporations, c-level leaders and founders to help bring more technology into their businesses and achieve operational excellence. Digital transformation and technical capabilities are rapidly changing ways companies and people work. The toolkit and mindset play a crucial role in digitization. Achieving more with less is the core of innovation.

  • Analyse the status-quo of all processes
  • Create a company-wide digitalisation roadmap
  • Incremental optimisation and automation process

Digital transformation can lead to various goals, depending on current priorities:

  • Increase the level of the automation
  • Reduce quote of human-error in manufacturing
  • Acquire more customers and increase the CLV
  • Design seamless customer experience flows
  • Gain transparency and structure in data management

Digital Transformation

The analysis and automation of business processes through the use of modern software solutions. Every department can be digitalized and thus gain more efficiency.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is not just about advertising, but about the entire brand positioning. This includes identifying your buyer persona, positioning your brand and products in the appropriate niche.


Nowadays it is not enough to create an online shop and wait for customers to shop with you. Depending on the market various strategies can be used to gain more customers and brand visibility on the market.

Software Development

Before you start developing individual software, it is important to analyse the market for similar solutions. Sometimes it is possible to achieve the same results by using multiple SaaS and connecting them via APIs.